Praise for Mediactive

“Dan Gillmor has thought more deeply, more usefully, and over a longer period of time about the next stages of media evolution than just about anyone else. In Mediactive, he puts the results of his ideas and experiments together in a guide full of practical tips and longer-term inspirations for everyone affected by rapid changes in the news ecology. This book is a very worthy successor to his influential We the Media.”

James FallowsAtlantic Magazine, author of Postcards from Tomorrow Square and Breaking the News


“Dan’s book helps us understand when the news we read is reliable and trustworthy, and how to determine when what we’re reading is intended to deceive. A trustworthy press is required for the survival of a democracy, and we really need this book right now.”

Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist


“A master-class in media-literacy for the 21st century, operating on all scales from the tiniest details of navigating wiki software all the way up to sensible and smart suggestions for reforming law and policy to make the news better and fairer. Gillmor’s a reporter’s reporter for the information age, Mediactive made me want to stand up and salute.”

Cory Doctorow, co-editor/owner, Boing Boing; author of For the Win


“With the future of journalism and democracy in peril, Mediactive comes along with sage and practical advice at a crucial time. Dan Gillmor, pioneering journalist and teacher of journalists, offers a practical guide to citizens who now need to become active producers as well as critical consumers of media. Read this book right away, buy one for a friend and another one for a student, and then put Gillmor’s advice into action.”

Howard Rheingold, author of the Smart Mobs and other books about our digital future


“As the lines between professional and citizen journalists continue to blur, Mediactive provides a useful roadmap to help us become savvier consumers and creators alike.”

Steve Case, chairman and CEO of Revolution and co-founder of America Online


“It’s all true – at least to someone. And that’s the problem in a hypermediated world where everyone and anyone can represent his own reality. Gillmor attacks the problem of representation and reality head on, demanding we become media-active users of our emerging media, instead of passive consumers. If this book doesn’t get you out of Facebook and back on the real Internet, nothing will.”

Douglas Rushkoff, author of Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age


“An important book showing people how to swim rather than drown in today’s torrent of information. Dan Gillmor lives on the front line of digital information – there’s no-one better to help us understand the risks and opportunities or help us ask the right questions.”

Richard Sambrook, Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer at Edelman, and former BBC Director of Global News


“Dan Gillmor’s first book, We the Media, was an indispensible guide to the rise of the “former audience” — that is, to the vital role that consumers of media were beginning to play in creating and distributing media. Now, in Mediactive, Gillmor builds on his earlier work by explaining clearly and concisely how to achieve media literacy in the digital age. Through common-sense guidelines and well-chosen examples, Gillmor shows how anyone can navigate the half-truths, exaggerations and outright falsehoods that permeate today’s media environment and ferret out what is true and important. As Gillmor writes, ‘When we have unlimited sources of information, and when so much of what comes at us is questionable, our lives get more challenging. They also get more interesting.’”

Dan Kennedy, assistant professor of journalism at Northeastern University, former Boston Phoenix media critic, and author of the Media Nation blog at

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