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Another Short-Sighted News Organization Hands Part of Its Future to Facebook

In a clear example of the asymmetry of power that now exists between Facebook and just about everyone else on the Web, check out the way The New York Times has handed a huge gift to the social networking giant:

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Experiment: For Limited Time, Kindle Version is just $0.99

I published Mediactive a little over a year ago. The project, including the sale of publication rights in Japan, is in the black financially. And I’m ready to try some experiments as I move toward version 2 of the book

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News Cooperatives for the Future

My friend (and editor of Mediactive) Tom Stites has written a three-part series of postings for Nieman Lab, the increasingly excellent site that scopes out the latest in journalism thinking (and doing). These posts are about business models for our

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Warren Buffett Buys Another Newspaper

As a diehard believer in the value of what good newspapers can bring to communities, I’m pleased that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has purchased its “hometown” newspaper. I very much doubt that this corporate owner, unlike many others, will manage

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Cory Doctorow on Self-Publishing

Terrific piece by Cory (a friend) about who’s cut out for self-publishing, and who may not be. Excerpt: I firmly believe that there are writers out there today who have valuable insights and native talent that would make them natural

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New Shamelessness from Huffington Post

Huffington Post learned a lot from the pushback after AOL bought the company — which rose to prominence in significant part due to blogging by people who were never paid — for more than $300 million.  What did the management

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‘Every Book is a Startup’

That’s the name of a new book from O’Reilly. The title is absolutely true, as I can attest.

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Future of Media at Economist Magazine

Over at the Economist magazine, I’m contributing to a discussion about where journalism is heading.

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FCC Journalism Report Is a Voluminous Disappointment

So many things are disappointing about the FCC’s just-released future of media report that it’s tempting to write it off entirely. That would be a mistake. Shallowness in research isn’t one of the problems. No one can accuse the working

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A Site License for Mediactive

I’ve just signed a site license with a journalism school for the e-book. We worked out a sliding scale of payments. The university will pay a discounted rate from the list price for the first 40 copies. For each copy

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