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Experiment: For Limited Time, Kindle Version is just $0.99

I published Mediactive a little over a year ago. The project, including the sale of publication rights in Japan, is in the black financially. And I’m ready to try some experiments as I move toward version 2 of the book

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Cory Doctorow on Self-Publishing

Terrific piece by Cory (a friend) about who’s cut out for self-publishing, and who may not be. Excerpt: I firmly believe that there are writers out there today who have valuable insights and native talent that would make them natural

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A Site License for Mediactive

I’ve just signed a site license with a journalism school for the e-book. We worked out a sliding scale of payments. The university will pay a discounted rate from the list price for the first 40 copies. For each copy

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Why I’m Going to Publish the Mediactive Book with Lulu

Some members of the traditional publishing industry don’t care for what I write, and some who do aren’t thrilled with one of the ways I try to spread my ideas. So when Mediactive appears between dead-tree covers a bit later

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Amazon, DRM and Demands

A number of folks whom I admire greatly have signed a petition aimed at Amazon’s control-freakish policies with its Kindle e-book reader. The most notable recent example of what’s wrong with the Kindle is the remote-deleting of books that people

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E-Books, Business Models and Sloppy Reporting in NY Times

A New York Times reporter asks an interesting question — How Much Should an E-Book Cost? — in a Week in Review article, but her reporting is so shallow that the answer is murky at best. She starts this piece

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