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Network neutrality’s corporate adversaries

This article was originally published on Salon on August 5, 2010. Reports of backroom deals by big players that would inhibit Web freedom are unconfirmed, but should make us uneasy UPDATED The Internet is abuzz with worries that the Bloomberg news

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Shirley Sherrod’s revenge

This article was originally published on Salon on July 29, 2010. Andrew Breitbart should be held accountable for his deceptions, but is there a libel case here? This is no surprise: Shirley Sherrod, the Agriculture Department official who was forced out

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The WikiLeaks war logs change everything

This article was originally published on Salon on July 26, 2010. Afghanistan diaries mock secrecy and highlight shifts in war, politics, media. Look for a counterattack It’s hard to escape the sense that we’ve hit one of those historical pivot

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Hometown papers’ editorials unpredictable, for once

This article was originally published on Salon on July 1, 2010. Local dailies in Hollywood and Silicon Valley get counter-intuitive on copyright-vs.-progress story Just as politicians tend to favor positions taken by the people who pay for their campaigns, local

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Google retreats in China

This article was originally published on Salon on June 29, 2010. Search giant gives Beijing half a loaf, but will regime be satisfied? Clever dodge or capitulation? Google’s latest move in its ongoing battles with China looks like a bit of

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Viacom’s YouTube loss a victory for online speech, collaboration

This article was originally published on Salon on June 24, 2010. Judge says YouTube obeyed copyright law in widely watched legal case UPDATED Echoing most news media, the New York Times called it “a major victory for Google in its battle

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Net Neutrality Has Always Been Up to Lawmakers: Will They Pay Attention Now?

Ars Technica: Court: FCC had no right to sanction Comcast for P2P blocking. The FCC’s decision to sanction Comcast for its 2007 P2P blocking was overruled today by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. The question before

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Online Media Legal Network Conference Next Week

If you’re near Boston next Friday, consider attending the new Online Media Legal Network’s Spring Conference: Journalism’s Digital Transition. Great lineup, important topics.

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New Legal Help for Online Journalists

The Berkman Center’s Citizen Media Law Project has launched the Online Media Legal Network (OMLN): a new pro bono initiative that connects lawyers and law school clinics from across the country with online journalists and digital media creators who need

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Scrubbing the Past

NY Times: Two German Killers Demanding Anonymity Sue Wikipedia’s Parent. Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber became infamous for killing a German actor in 1990. Now they are suing to force Wikipedia to forget them. The legal fight pits German privacy

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