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Who’s the Hero?

The photo at left is from the back cover of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. It exemplifies much of what can be right with American journalism, and some of what’s wrong, too. The part to celebrate, of course, is CNN’s

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Toward a Slow-News Movement

UPDATED In the minutes and hours after an Army officer opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, last week, the media floodgates opened in a now-standard way. A torrent of news reports and commentary poured from the

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Canada Media Literacy Programme

Media Literacy Week in Canada arrives in early November. Lots of valuable ideas here, some of which I’ll highlight in coming posts.

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Howard Rheingold on 21st Century Literacies

Don’t miss Howard’s talk from London — he’s working on a lot of the same issues that I’m thinking about, and doing it with his usual flair:

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New Media Academic Summit

Call it social media, new media or just plain media. The state of media today is not as grim as you’ve been hearing. That’s what I’m planning to tell the Edelman New Media Academic Summit tomorrow in Washington, where Richard

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Broadening Journalism Education’s Practice and Purpose

(This is cross-posted from the PBS Idealab blog.) Accepting an award from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School for Journalism & Mass Communication several months ago, former PBS NewsHour host Robert McNeil called journalism education probably “the best general education

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