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Anonymous cowards are buying the 2010 election

This article was originally published on Salon on October 18, 2010. It’s beginning to penetrate the public consciousness that the 2010 elections are being purchased, mostly for Republicans, by a shadowy group of wealthy cowards. These anonymous buyers are pouring hundreds

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Hewlett Packard keeps digging its hole

This article was originally published on Salon on August 16, 2010. HP has a lot more questions to answer about CEO Mark Hurd’s mysterious departure I have no idea whether the Wall Street Journal’s lurid story today about Mark Hurd’s forced

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Rand Paul’s anonymous accuser

This article was originally published on Salon on August 10, 2010. Without evidence, the “kidnapping” tale is an example of what media consumers should automatically disbelieve UPDATED So Rand Paul felt obliged to deny an accusation that he kidnapped a Baylor

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America’s good, subservient press

This article was originally published on Salon on July 4, 2010. On Independence Day, noting that the truly independent American journalists don’t work for big organizations GRAHAMSTOWN, South Africa — Journalists tend to take themselves too seriously, and their craft

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Daily Kos gets transparency in media right

This article was originally published on Salon on June 30, 2010. The political website, discovering serious problems with its pollster, comes excruciatingly clean with its audience Here’s how Markos Moulitsas started a post yesterday at the Daily Kos: I have just published

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Salon and Me

I’ve been a fan of Salon since the day it started, and a paying subscriber as long as the company has offered that option. If you visit Salon often, you already know why. So I’m delighted to be bringing some

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NYT Columnist Sees Some Poisoned Apples, But is He Missing Nearby Ones?

David Carr, media columnist for the New York Times, took critical note this week of arrogant behavior at Apple. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the myopia that pervades his organization about its own dealings with Apple, he missed a crucial part of

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Cartoonists Show More Spine than Editors, Reporters

UPDATED The New York Times, after noting that Apple reversed its arbitrary banning of an editorial cartoonist’s iPhone app, reports that an association representing cartoonists is lobbying for the company to change its rules for humorous, politically charged apps.. I

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Washington Post and NPR: Yes, Apple Can Block Their iPad Journalism

UPDATED A few days ago, following up on questions I’ve asked a number of other news organizations about their relationships with Apple, the Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro put a query to his bosses — and, unlike me with any traditional

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Update: Why I’ve Sold My New York Times Co. Shares

UPDATED Eleven days after I first raised the subject of the New York Times’ complicated relationship(s) with Apple (follow-up here), I’ve finally received an answer, of sorts. Sadly, the answer wasn’t to the questions I asked. A PR person from

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