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Washington Post and NPR: Yes, Apple Can Block Their iPad Journalism

UPDATED A few days ago, following up on questions I’ve asked a number of other news organizations about their relationships with Apple, the Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro put a query to his bosses — and, unlike me with any traditional

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Update: Why I’ve Sold My New York Times Co. Shares

UPDATED Eleven days after I first raised the subject of the New York Times’ complicated relationship(s) with Apple (follow-up here), I’ve finally received an answer, of sorts. Sadly, the answer wasn’t to the questions I asked. A PR person from

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Fiore’s iPad Rejection Harbinger of Bigger Story

UPDATED It’s been more than a week since I asked a number of news organizations, chiefly the New York Times, to answer a few questions about their relationships with Apple. Specifically, I asked the Times to discuss what has become

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Complicating Relationships in Media: Apple, NY Times Dealings Raise Questions

UPDATED Recent days have reminded me of the many traits Apple and the New York Times share. Both are the best at what they do in certain domains. Each is emphatically elitist, and, in varying ways, self-confident to the point

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Politico’s Lame Excuse for Posting Unverified Memo

Politico, the website devoted to all things political, almost certainly got pwned by scam artists Friday when it posted an unverified memo — a probable hoax — about health care. It’s an embarrassment for journalists who fall for fakery, but

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There are No ‘Spoilers’ in News

UPDATED NY Times Public Editor: The Olympics? Don’t Tell Me: “‘Could you please ask the editor of the front Web page to not name the winners within the headlines/sub-headlines?’ asked Ken Waters of Phoenix. Matt Gooch of Harrisonburg, Va. said

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When the “Writer” Isn’t: Ghost Writing for Editorial Pages

UPDATED Today’s Washington Post editorial pages feature an “op-ed” column entitled Sarah Palin on the politicization of the Copenhagen climate conference. Never mind that the column is full of falsehoods; the Post and most other papers often run letters, op-ed

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Week 7 of Washington Post’s Failure to Correct Major Error

More than seven weeks since it ran an editorial based on a false premise, the Washington Post has neither acknowledged nor corrected its mistake. Shameful.

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Wall Street Journal News Pages Starting to Show a Right-Wing World View

Rupert Murdoch’s influence on the Wall Street Journal has not been the disaster many feared it would be when News Corp., the company he controls, bought Dow Jones several years ago. In many ways, the paper has actually improved. The

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A Dangerous Federal Intervention in Social Media

(Note: These are first impressions, and I’ll be updating this posting.) The Federal Trade Commission noticed a while back that marketers of brands, products and ideas have used new media in some incredibly dishonest ways. These include paying people or

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