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Mediactive now in Armenian

Armenia-based “Journalists For The Future” has led a project to translate Mediactive into Armenian, and I visited there last week to help launch the new edition. I met some extraordinary people and learned a lot about the media scene there. As

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A half-century after JFK solidified TV’s dominance, a weekend highlights our messy but diversifying media ecosystem

By the early 1960s, the news media were closing in on an era of relative equilibrium, at least in the marketplace. While there were still competitive daily newspapers in some communities, the trend was inexorably toward local consolidation and monopoly.

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The Tech World is Overloaded with Data

(Note: I assigned my Media Literacy students a post asking for information on data in a topic area they care about. Here’s an example.) I spend a lot of time writing about technology and tech policy, in books, blogs and

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A Fine Explainer of Technology and Politics: How a Colorado Community Beat Big Cable

(Note: I asked my Media Literacy students for a blog post analyzing a major story in a topic area they care about. Here’s an example.) The Washington Post’s technology and policy blog, called “The Switch,” took a deep look at

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Slow News Catching On? Boston Tragedy Suggests So

In the minutes and hours following the Boston bombings, the media erupted with news, rumors, speculation – just what we’ve come to expect in this instant-access, instant-posting age. Truest to form was the knee-jerk maundering from the usual operators, who

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NY Times Still Doesn’t Call Torture What It Is

New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan tackles her paper’s unwillingness to use plain, accurate language in an almost hard-hitting post, “‘Targeted Killing,’ ‘Detainee’ and ‘Torture’: Why Language Choice Matters”. She asks editors about these choices and gets, sorry to

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Teachers: Mediactive Lesson Plans with WordPress Installation

This package of files (Mediactive Lesson Plans — a zip archive of about 18MB) is for teachers who want to help their students become more media literate in this digital age. The package includes: Lesson plan documents (Word format) PowerPoint presentations WordPress

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Chinese Translation in the Works

I had the pleasure this week to meet journalism students from Shantou (China) University who are working on a Chinese translation of Mediactive. They’re using the fabulous Yeeyan service, which is like a Wikipedia of translation. It was great fun

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Tokyo Visit re Mediactive, Japanese Edition

Tokyo-area folks: I’ll be there next week for a series of talks and other events relating to the recently published Japanese edition of Mediactive The following events are open to the public. All but the Digital Hollywood event are free,

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Q&A With Henry Jenkins on Future of Media

Henry Jenkins, a USC professor and author who knows more about participatory media than just about anyone else, asked me some questions about the news/information ecosystem and media literacy in the 21st century. Here’s how the conversation went, in two

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