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Wall Street Journal’s (Fail)SafeHouse: Keep Trying

In 2005, intending to innovate, the Los Angeles Times published a “Wikitorial” — an editorial from the paper in a wiki that allowed readers to make changes. The idea was interesting. The execution was a classic in news organization stupidity,

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Google’s (Partial) Retreat from Open Systems

Google’s “open source” promises regarding its Android mobile operating system have always been a bit exaggerated. Yes, anyone can download and use that software, but to get Google’s official stamp of approval for using it in a mobile device, you

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Rodney King and the Rise of the Citizen Photojournalist

UPDATED Twenty years ago, on March 3 1991, a media shock wave hit Los Angeles and the nation: the Rodney King video. As a bystander captured the incident with his home video camera, several LA police officers beat King repeatedly

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Mobile Applications Journalists (and You) Should Have on Your Phone

Updated: I added several resources as well as text to show device support. I also clarified the introduction a bit. A great discussion began on Quora asking “What apps should every journalist have on their iPhone?” Both professional journalists and

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Now we have to jailbreak our Android phones, too

This article was originally published on Salon on August 23, 2010. As Google gives carriers more sway over the operating system, customers need more options When Google introduced the Nexus One smartphone early this year, we got a glimpse into what

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Yes, you can jailbreak your phone

This article was originally published on Salon on July 27, 2010. Federal ruling allows slightly more freedom to use what you’ve bought the way you want, but much more is needed Good news in the copyright world is rare, but

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Apple’s iPhone non-apology apology

This article was originally published on Salon on July 16, 2010. Steve Jobs offers new cases and refunds, and tells the media to stop making such a big deal of reception problems UPDATED Here, in a nutshell, is Apple’s defense

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Roll your own apps

This article was originally published on Salon on July 12, 2010. Google’s Android “App Inventor” tries to bring mobile programming to the masses UPDATED Back in the 1980s, Apple Computer (as it was known then) released a product called Hypercard. It

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Phone or Wi-Fi hotspot? Both

This article was originally published on Salon on July 8, 2010. Android software update turns Internet access loss into a minor problem As noted several days ago, problems in an intercontinental fiber-optic cable have caused Internet outages for a lot of

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This Mac devotee is moving to Linux

This article was originally published on Salon on June 20, 2010. Seeking real freedom of choice in a technology ecosystem where vendors are exerting more and more control I’m not religious about technology. My strategy is to use what works

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