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Anonymous Sources and Fairness

You don’t have to be a supporter of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former International Monetary Fund chief who’s been charged with sex crimes in New York City, to be appalled at some of the journalism about this case. Sadly, you can find

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Politicians lie: We know it and we don’t care

This article was originally published on on December 17, 2010. Survey: The public gets that most political ads are bogus, but people still believe things that are false A new study about media misinformation and media users’ ignorance is

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Hewlett Packard keeps digging its hole

This article was originally published on Salon on August 16, 2010. HP has a lot more questions to answer about CEO Mark Hurd’s mysterious departure I have no idea whether the Wall Street Journal’s lurid story today about Mark Hurd’s forced

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Rand Paul’s anonymous accuser

This article was originally published on Salon on August 10, 2010. Without evidence, the “kidnapping” tale is an example of what media consumers should automatically disbelieve UPDATED So Rand Paul felt obliged to deny an accusation that he kidnapped a Baylor

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Shirley Sherrod’s revenge

This article was originally published on Salon on July 29, 2010. Andrew Breitbart should be held accountable for his deceptions, but is there a libel case here? This is no surprise: Shirley Sherrod, the Agriculture Department official who was forced out

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Sherrod fiasco shows we must be skeptics

This article was originally published on Salon on July 21, 2010. When the Andrew Breitbarts of the world can spread lies with lightning speed, knee-jerk reactions are dangerous UPDATED If you’re one of the people who believed, even for a

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When the “Writer” Isn’t: Ghost Writing for Editorial Pages

UPDATED Today’s Washington Post editorial pages feature an “op-ed” column entitled Sarah Palin on the politicization of the Copenhagen climate conference. Never mind that the column is full of falsehoods; the Post and most other papers often run letters, op-ed

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Nearly 2 Months Since Major Washington Post Error, No Correction

More than eight weeks since it ran an editorial based on a false premise, the Washington Post has neither acknowledged nor corrected its mistake. Shameful.

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Tabloid Journalism’s Future? Or Just an Extension of the Present?

UPDATED On the front page of Sunday’s print edition and home page of the online edition, the New York Times is clucking about an animation it puts in the category of “Maybe Journalism.” The widely seen video, from a Hong

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Who’s the Hero?

The photo at left is from the back cover of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. It exemplifies much of what can be right with American journalism, and some of what’s wrong, too. The part to celebrate, of course, is CNN’s

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