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New York Times Edges Closer to Honesty re Torture

A New York Times editorial about newly confirmed CIA director John Brennan gets tough on Brennan and his allies regarding torture: (A)t his Senate confirmation hearing in February, he appeared to be one of the few people (apart from maybe

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Political Columnist: Please Look in the Mirror

The New York Times’ Gail Collins offers some sound advice in her column about the latest presidential campaign: “Ignore Iowa.” She writes: Perhaps this would be a good time to point out that the Iowa caucuses are really ridiculous. I

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New York Times’ Incoherent Honorifics

In the New York pages of today’s New York Times you’ll find a terrific story about a Cuban bicyclist named Damian Lopez Alfonso, who hasn’t let his handicaps (no arms) stop him from becoming a competitive racer. As the Times style

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