New open course: participating in our increasingly digital world

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The ASU News Co/Lab is launching a new open online course — available to anyone, free — in early August. It’s aimed at adults, and at helping folks be smart consumers and creators.

We’ll be running the course “live” twice, in August and September, for three weeks each. The live sessions will include real-time conversations with instructors and guests, but the course will be available for self-directed learning afterward.

In conjunction with the course, we’re working on a series of videos with Arizona Public Broadcasting. Stay tuned, as it were, for more on that!

While the course, like the ones we teach at the Cronkite School, is based in part on the book, it is loaded with newer material. Much has changed in our media ecosystem since the book came out a decade ago, and we wanted to reflect that in what we’re doing on this project.

We’re grateful that the Facebook Journalism Project, via a gift to the university, has funded the project.

4 thoughts on “New open course: participating in our increasingly digital world”

    1. Absolutely — a terrific book. Eli’s been doing some of the most important thinking in this arena.

  1. Hi Dan,

    it seems some links on this page are broken. The Cronkite school, the McCormick Foundation and the edx link don’t work, because of the extra pair of double quotes around them.

    Thanks for all your work you share with us.

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