Metrotwin: Why Every Company is a Media Company

Metrotwin Consider British Airways’ Metrotwin – London & New York, a site that has information about London and New York, the airline’s two most important cities. It’s the best evidence yet that all companies with a public presence — which is to say almost all companies, period — are becoming media companies in addition to their core businesses

At his New Media Education Summit, Richard Edelman, CEO of the PR company that bears his family’s name, made the key observation any business can boost its value by using new media. Among the projects he cited as evidence was Metrotwin, an Edelman client..

The site incorporates information of various kinds, including ratings, from various sources including users. I wonder if it can possibly attain any kind of critical mass. It seeks to serve a niche, but to do so in a deep way.

The site notably asks for contributors: “We are looking for people to become contributing editors. We will reward you with BA Miles.” Now that’s a reward capable of drawing people.

It’ll be fascinating to see how this develops.

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  1. Interesting to see the of local online marketing to attract business, about time as you say almost all companies have a public presence and when you can offer what your public wants especially in this form of media then the term “go for it” comes to mind.  Will check out Metrotwin myself.

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