Political Columnist: Please Look in the Mirror

The New York Times’ Gail Collins offers some sound advice in her column about the latest presidential campaign: “Ignore Iowa.” She writes:

Perhaps this would be a good time to point out that the Iowa caucuses are really ridiculous.

I tend to agree with Collins’ general point. The caucuses are¬†unrepresentative, quirky and even idiotic. What disappoints me about her column, however, is the utter lack of self-awareness it demonstrates.

On the Times’ Politics web page, an aggregation of articles from the past several days (but mostly current stories), you will find no fewer than seven pieces from Iowa. See where I’m going? Of course you do: Collins is dissing the event that her own newspaper has helped make such a national production.

The column Collins could have written would have made all of the good points of the original. It then would have gone one step further: to urge her bosses and colleagues to stop being among the chief promoters of the absurdity.

2 thoughts on “Political Columnist: Please Look in the Mirror”

  1. Dan, is it really reasonable to expect someone to stick a finger in the eye of their bosses and colleagues, over the Iowa caucuses, for heaven’s sake?
    (further elaboration not written as recursively not being worth it from a risk/reward ratio :-()

    1. If you’re going to poke a finger at the process your organization is helping to make absurd, then it’s an obvious hole in your logic to ignore your organization’s contribution to the problem.

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