Entertainment Cartel Moving Toward Outer Limits of Control


The FCC has decided that Hollywood’s copyright cartel will soon be able to control your television — and ultimately much more — remotely. This is not a joke.

The FCC order “‘will allow the big firms for the first time to take control of a consumer’s TV set or set-top box, blocking viewing of a TV program or motion picture,” Gigi Sohn, president of Washington-based Public Knowledge, said in a statement.

I’m old enough to remember the introduction to a long-ago TV show called the Outer Limits. Science fiction often comes true.

UPDATE: Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing, who has much more technical depth on these issues, explains clearly what’s going on — and how this is about much more than just your TV. It’s about all electronics you use. Thought you owned that new PC or Mac? Think again.

One thought on “Entertainment Cartel Moving Toward Outer Limits of Control”

  1. Its like trying to say we have any control over what we see now,we don’t ,we just move back in one sense to days when we had fewer channels choice and there fore restricted to see those and move forward to the next step in control of the masses/mob by controlling information access.

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