Rolling Stone Ahead of the Crowd, Again, on Financial Sleaze

Once again Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi has been ahead of the rest of the financial journalists covering the sleaze of Wall Street and its pet regulators in Washington. The latest piece shows how the SEC has remained almost totally in Wall Street’s pocket during the Obama administration — yet more proof, not that we needed it, that this president isn’t interested in rooting out the crooks, public or private.

It’s also disgusting to see that some media organizations, notably the Wall Street Journal, are reluctant to credit Rolling Stone. I read a follow-up to Taibbi’s piece in yesterday’s print edition, and it failed to mention that this was a RS scoop. The online edition didn’t credit RS until the 11th paragraph.

I recently resubscribed to Rolling Stone after many years of not getting the magazine. The work of Taibbi and his colleagues is a key reason.

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