Live Video from Mobile Phones Easier than Ever

This is Jeremy Iggers, founder of the Twin Cities Daily Planet, a journalism organization that works with citizens and pro journalists. He’s speaking at a meeting of the Kettering Foundation.

The video was created from a MyTouch phone, and was streamed “almost live” — the only delay was 3G network latency — as he spoke. Qik, the service I used, has an Android (and I believe iPhone) app that turned the phone into a video-news device and inserted a geo-tag (from the GPS in the phone) to the location.

This kind of thing is becoming easier to do, and getting more sophisticated on the client and server sides. I’m working with students on several experiments, and an application that may be relevant.

(Note: Google has loaned me the phone, among a bunch of phones it’s given to my school for online media experiments. T-Mobile has provided service for the phones other than this one, which is my personal account.)