How to Publish Quickly if You Don’t Want to Publish Regularly

Update: I’ve adjusted the title and the intro here to clarify quick, one-time publishing versus just quick publishing (something not exclusive to the collection below).

There may be times when you need to publish something fast and you only want to publish once. Rather than start up a whole new blog, you may want to check out the following tools:

If you have text and images, I’ve found three good sites for immediate publishing. They all do basically the same task. After submitting your content, you’re given a published page with a link for sharing. All three involve this two-step process, but vary slightly in features and community offerings.

CopyTaste features a rich text editor that allows for embedding images and video. Of similar sites, this is most notable difference. Pages can be shared and rated by the community or they can be made private. CopyTaste also offers a plugin for Internet Explorer, which allows the user to make a page out of any copied text.


Dinkypage bills itself as your place for “disposable” web pages. However, this refers to the investment involved rather than the page’s longevity (pages don’t come with a deletion date). Dinkypage’s nice feature is the ability to edit the URL. A user can choose what come’s after One drawback is that images and video cannot be embedded and must be linked from another source.


PasteHTML is by far the most stripped down of the three. One can enter HTML or text and that’s about it. It’s the simple option if you’d rather not interact with a GUI.

PasteHTML is excellent if you have a file you’d like publish. The content of the uploaded files is published on a new page and is accompanied by a download link. Text files and PDFs will display their content, while MP3s and video will feature a player. It supports a full range of file types.


Moomeo is an interesting option if you’d like to publish an email,. Sending an email to Moomeo’s address will publish that email to a unique page. Community commentary is an interesting feature and the ability to publish without ever visiting the page is also nice.