Salon and Me

I’ve been a fan of Salon since the day it started, and a paying subscriber as long as the company has offered that option. If you visit Salon often, you already know why.

So I’m delighted to be bringing some of my blogging there, including many of the items I’d normally be posting here. My arrangement with Salon gives them exclusive access for one week to new posts, after which they’ll appear here — as always, under a Creative Commons license from this site.

Here’s my first post.

2 thoughts on “Salon and Me”

  1. In regards to your This Mac devotee is moving to Linux post over on Salon (which will appear here at the end of this week given your above explanation), you’ll want to subscribe to the mailing list (and perhaps also to the (distro)-users@ lists, e.g. kubuntu-users@, as appropriate). also sports forums which are useful, but I find the mailing lists are better for quick answers, then following up on the forum to post long-lived “how tos” a good way to grow collective memory and such.

    FWIW, I’m posting this comment here because your salon comments are overflowing, and for whatever reason, comments on your posts here don’t seem to be near as voluminous (so am hoping you see this).

    Also, I’ve been using (k)ubuntu (a combined gnome and kde desktop install) for > 3 years now, and although it has its wrinkles, I have no reasons to migrate away (and it seems as time goes on, more reasons to stay and help it get better).

    Oh, also, go with 64-bit right from the start. No reason to run 32-bit any longer, everything major (flash, etc) has now been ported to 64-bit.

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