Why Parents and Teachers Should Care: Prior Writings

As I work on the chapters for the book, I’m incorporating some of what I’ve been writing on these topics in recent years. Each of the following posts seems relevant to the chapter topic, “Why Parents and Teachers Should Care”. (Special thanks to Josh Sprague, who put these pages together.)

Chapter 8: Why Parents and Teachers Should Care

Top-Down Communications, Union-Style
You might think that corporations are the most top-down oriented institutions when it comes to communications. I suspect that tendency is widely shared — and that unions are among the more reluctant when it comes to embracing conversational media. more…

Another Legal Threat Against Speech
A Florida newspaper is reporting legal threats against parents who’ve been criticizing a charter school company and its operations in this forum. The name of the company is Charter Schools USA. more…

Kansas, U.S., Beg for Ridicule
As the New York Times reports, advocates of “intelligent design” — a code phrase for creationism — are pushing Kansas toward classroom teaching designed to undermine Darwin’s incredibly well-supported theory of evolution. more…